Our Mission

The Special Initiative on Offshore Wind (SIOW) is an independent organization with a strong track record of providing objective strategic guidance on key issues in the offshore wind sector. SIOW uses fact-based research and multi-sector collaboration to provide expertise, analysis, information sharing, and strategic partnership with industry, advocacy, and government stakeholders to build understanding and drive the sustainable and responsible deployment of offshore wind. 

We are guided by a Steering Committee of diverse interests, including representation from offshore wind developers, NGOs, and state policy makers. We are funded by private foundations, do not offer memberships, and have no contractual obligations to any members in the offshore wind sector, all of which support our objectivity and unique approach. Work we have done in the past has addressed some key technical issues that we have observed in the industry, including roadmaps for reducing the cost of offshore wind in state procurement processes and analysis and forecast of supply chain benefits from the development of offshore wind.